Gnome Alone (2017) Wiki

Chloe is the main protagonist in the 2018 Netflix film Gnome Alone. She moved with her mother into a new house in Tenderville where it is protected by garden gnomes and contains dark secrets.


Chloe wears dark blue trousers, light pink sneakers, white t-shirt with shape of bear. Her eyes sunshine yellow pastel pink lips and pink-purple hair


Chloe is very smart,​​​​​ funny, outgoing, strong and dependable. Chloe is not like any other girls at school. She's got good alignment to meet other people. First time when she meet Liam and Zoe, she is very angered. It's mean she is not like Butterfinger person. But she is also fan of Brittany. When she reads a message finally, she understand friendship. And she apologizes Liam and Zoe hates Brittany. At the end of movie Brittany and Chloe they get along.


  • Also Chloe likes the color pink and cats
  • Chloe is very mad when Liam  if he doesn't  do what she says
  • Chloe wants to be popular like a Brittany
  • She changes her hair color. Blonde or Caramel brown. That's mean she likes Brittany's hair color.
  • Her birthday is May 3.It makes her Aries.
  • She knows all about BTC .Only she knows more about Brittany
  • Her friends are gnomes .But, especially, Liam first.