[After the opening logos, credits and film'a title, the scene shows suitcases packed up in a yellow car. It pans down to a girl with magenta hair, who is Chloe, watching at the windows. She then texts. on her phone.]

Jess: So, did the movers already deliver the furnitures?

[We then pan to a woman with blonde hair, who is Catherine driving while talking to Jess.]

Catherine: [sighs] Yesterday. All Chloe and I need to do now is move in.

Jess: And in a year, I'm sure you'll be packing up and moving out.

Catherine: Hey. It's different this time. I have a new job, new house...we're both really excited.

Jess: That's what you say every time.

Catherine: Oh, really? When have I ever been excited for a move?

Jess: There was Denver, Madison, now New England.

Catherine: All right, you sound like Mom.

Jess: Where to next? Catherine, you can't keep movine Chloe around the country like that.

[Catherine turns her car mirror to show Chloe on her phone.]

Catherine: I know.

Jess: You two need to settle into a place. Why don't you throw down some roots?

Catherine: Maybe give Chloe a chance to make a real friend and have life. What do you think? Oh, does she still have that pink hair?

Catherine: Yes. She was trying to fit in with friends. I gotta pick my battles. You know, it's actually kind of growing on me.

[Chloe texts "change hair color". "I'm a Mess" plays in the background as the car stops at a creaky house.]

Catherine: This is it, Chlo. Our new house. [She notices Chloe on her phone.] Chlo? Chlo.

[Chloe then gets her mother's attention. The scene pans up to a haunted-like house.]

Catherine: I know it doesn't look like much. But, it's got good bones.

Chloe: Yep. I'm pretty sure there's actual bones in there, too, Mom.

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